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Contemporary Natural Stone Slab, Extraordinary Natural Sandstone, Desert Dunes, double-sided, Wood Pattern unique and clear

Contemporary Natural Stone Slab, Extraordinary Natural Sandstone, Desert Dunes, double-sided, Wood Pattern unique and clear

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All Nature Sandstone Slab

Frame: 8 × 12 × 0.9 (H*W*D Inches)
Weight: 6.7 lb

The sandstone slabs from Wuding, Yunnan, resemble intricate paintings crafted by nature herself. Each slab tells a vivid story, reminiscent of the undulating landscapes of desert dunes and the intricate patterns found in aged wood. As your fingers trace the surface, you're transported to a world where time stands still, where the earth's history is etched in every grain.

Imagine the soft curves and ripples that mimic the windswept dunes, capturing the essence of vast deserts and their timeless beauty. The warm, earthy tones of amber and ochre create a visual symphony, evoking images of sun-kissed horizons and endless skies.

What sets these sandstone slabs apart are the mesmerizing wood-like patterns that adorn them. Like the rings of ancient trees, these patterns speak volumes about the passage of time and the resilience of nature. Each slab is a masterpiece, bearing its own unique blend of colors and textures, a testament to the unparalleled artistry of the earth.

This Wuding Sandstone are similar to the famous Dali sliced marble; however, these stones are composed of sandstone, which is softer than marble. The introduction of these stones as Viewing Stones or Art Stones is new occurring only in the last decade. There are several areas of extensive sandstone deposits in Yunnan province, China.

Large slabs of Wuding stones can be cut into thin slices utilizing the same type of equipment that is used to cut Dali marble. These pieces are examined for striking patterns and then re-cut into smaller pieces for use as table or wall decorations. These thinly sliced pieces make beautiful compositions reminiscent of some southwestern U.S. scenes. The soft brown, tan, gray and even bluish earth tones of the mineral components of this stone convey more subdued feeling than most Dali marble.

This sandstone "painting" is a kind of Wood Pattern stone, unique and clear.

These sandstone pieces are like the magical landscape of the Antelope Canyon and each of them is unique, as if you were standing in a different angle to see the wonderful light shining on the Antelope Canyon.

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is deposited on the riverbed by stone grains eroded by water and then a vivid scene has been formed over thousands of years. Now, you can feel the wonder and greatness of nature through a sandstone piece.

Sandstone pieces create a unique tone decoration style, which is simple and elegant. It's great for home or office interior decor.
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