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Extraordinary Artistic Dream Stone "Bamboo" natural Xiuyan Jade "painting"

Extraordinary Artistic Dream Stone "Bamboo" natural Xiuyan Jade "painting"

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Frame: 38×29×2 (H*W*D Inches).
Site: 23×15 (H*W Inches).
Weight: 35 lb.


We do not make marble "paintings". We are only the discoverers of nature.

This "BAMBOO" or "BAMBOO FOREST" is made of natural Xiuyan Jade (岫岩玉)Xiuyan jade is produced in Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning Province, China. Because this Xiuyan jade is easy to break when cut into plates, it cannot maintain its original appearance. Therefore, the craftsman used an innovative process to inject glue into the raw stone before cutting and slicing, so that we can see the beauty of the Xiuyan jade "painting".

In Western countries, marble stone "paintings" and Xiuyan jade "paintings" are sometime given the name "Dream Stones" due to the feelings that individual pieces can evoke.

This dreaming Xiuyan jade "painting" were carefully selected by Chris Fan (President of Yunnan Viewing Stone Association) from a master collector and brought to the United States. 

This fantastic dreamstone is a natural Xiuyan jade.

This Xiuyan jade "painting" is simple and elegant. It's great for home or office fine interior decor.
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