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Extraordinary DreamStone "Hexi Corridor" Natural Marble painting Unique rare color

Extraordinary DreamStone "Hexi Corridor" Natural Marble painting Unique rare color

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Frame: 18×27×2 (H*W*D Inches).
Site: 10×18.5 (H*W Inches).
Weight: 12 lb


We do not make marble "paintings". We are only the discoverers of nature.

The vast deposits of different types of marble found in the Cang Mountains is famous through out China. This mountain range and its deposits of marble were formed over millions of years. There was a definite preference for black-and-white patterned sliced stones during Imperial China. These resembled the works of many artists who used only black ink and black ink washed paintings, particularly of mountain and land scape scenes. Today, there is a definite preference among Chinese collectors for more colorful pieces of sliced Dali marble.

In Western countries, they are sometime given the name "Dream Stones" due to the feelings that individual pieces can evoke.

Those dreaming marble "paintings" were carefully selected by Chris Fan (President of Yunnan Viewing Stone Association) from his hometown Dali Yunnan and brought to the United States. 

This fantastic dreamstone is a natural marble. It looks just like Hexi Corridor. Hexi Corridor is located in western China, south of the Alxa Plateau and north of the Qilian Mountains. It is a narrow strip in the direction of northwest to southeast, and it is named because it looks like a corridor located west of the Yellow River in Gansu Province.

Natural Dali Marble "painting" – Carefully cut from all-natural Dali Marble stone, custom Framed. Extraordinary landscape view.

Dali Marble pieces create a unique tone decoration style, which is simple and elegant. It's great for home or office fine interior decor.
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